Battery Lithium Maxell 2025 (Pack Of 100) 10320 -GP-10320

MRP: ₹ 2599.00 Price: ₹ 1600.00 (Excl. GST)


  • CR1220 lithium coin batteries have Child Resistant Packaging: A tamper-proof pack with double blister designed to make it practically impossible for young children to open with bare hands. Can only be opened with scissors
  • CR1220 lithium coin batteries - long-lasting power guaranteed
  • CR1220 lithium coin batteries use high-purity lithium and is guaranteed up to 10 years in-storage, Storage conditions between 10C and 25
  • CR1220 lithium coin batteries are suitable for use in keyfobs, small remotes, scales, wearables, sensors, medical devices (glucometers, digital thermometers), sports devices (heart rate monitor, bike accessories)
  • Safety Warnings To remind parents to keep the batteries out of reach of

  • 3v lithium button coin cell battery (cr 1220) - 5 pieces, its a 3 v lithium button coin cell battery, durable and higher efficiency.Lithium coin batteries provide long-lasting power in a variety of devices, from keyless-entry fobs to toys. These batteries are suitable for keyless entry, electronic organizer/dictionary, watch, electronic toy, calculators, desktop clock, LED lights, neck light, electronic thermometer, pedometer.Original Lithium CR1220 Coin Type 3V Sony Micro Lithium Cell.

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