Multybyte VGA 15F to 15F -MMPL-CN10

MRP: ₹ 199.00 Price: ₹ 33.80


  • Easily convert a male VGA connector into a female using this Female to Female gender changer
  • Mini Gender Changer.
  • Couple two VGA cables together to get a longer cable
  • 15 Pin HD Female to 15 Pin HD Female
  • Full metal with no cables inside to avoid signal loss
  • Female VGA Connections on Both Ends of Joiner

  • Multybyte VGA 15F TO 15F Works easily and is just plug and play Good quality work around where you are joining two VGA cables together Low cost solution to real issue and comes with low cost shipping also Saves having to buy a longer VGA cable if you had two shorter VGA cables that when joined would do the same job Used primarily to join two VGA cables together Also used to change the gender of the VGA connector for specific jobs Can be used with multiple devices including PCs, Laptops, Some HD TVs, Projectors etc

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